Founded by Fabio Capelli, we are a kind-hearted team of creators with a weakness for arcane musical instruments, old analog synths, vintage tapes and nerdy softwares. We spend most of our free time recording broken sounds to create soulful Virtual Instruments we than use in our works. We also like good wine and eccentric animals – check out how freaky is a real-life Lyrebird here.
Out in the open we create music and sound design for Advertising, Movies, TV and digital contents, but we secretly love to write tunes for ourselves and genuine artists. Passion and dedication led our musical journey to cross path with global brands, renowned artists and timid singers, working on daring campaigns with fearless directors.
Music is our lifestyle. Modern orchestral scores, minimal ingenious sound design, emotional pianos or heavy electronics, we approach every project with the same unstoppable dedication that defines us. When the time comes, we also like to spend some good hours cleaning up dialogues and comply mixes to the latest broadcast standards. These are great forms of meditation.


• Original bespoke compositions

• Tracklay for long and short form

• Licensing

• Comprehensive library music catalogue


• Sound Design

• Foley

• Sonic identity

• Sound Supervising


• Broadcast compliance mixes

• Streaming Mixes


• Dialog Editing


  • colmar
  • east bay

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